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Glenn L. Downs Social Sciences Academy, Phoenix, Arizona

I´ve always had big dreams and thoughts. Usually bigger than I should probably think at my age. My imagination grew bigger as I got older. I've always set high goals and looked forward to things. Additionally, I always looked up to my sisters for how hard they work, like my parents. I always thought I would want to be like them, but when I got older my goals grew along with my imagination. Eventually, I decided I wanted to do better than my sisters and family. I made goals for myself and worked harder to do everything to the best of my ability.

In 2020, before 7th grade, COVID-19 forced us to go online for classes. It was the same, always repeating, each day feeling like the one before it. Every day while I was in my room before 7th and 8th grade, I would study until I felt like it was enough. I did this until I could see some improvement in myself since I was not doing so well with online school. After a while, I started to adjust little by little to online school and started improving. When we went on summer vacation, I taught myself 7th grade work and when we went back to school, I knew most things already. I made sure not to stand out from everyone while working on my social skills that I had lost due to COVID, and made friends who helped me out when I needed it.

I was glad but after that, we went to 8th grade and things were much different. I was nervous on the first day since I didn’t know if my friends would be there. Thankfully, some were, so I was fine with it. I was now working harder than before and I got into an honors class. It was hard but I did it and I was so glad since I saw that all I had done to get here was worth it. One class I tried and tried to get better every day at was math because it has always been hard for me.

I still do look up to my sisters and parents, but I want to change my route. I want to change and do better than what they accomplished. I want to succeed and see myself rise up in the world since I have more options and paths to choose. I will continue to always try my best. My parents like how I think big and imagine what my life can be.

People might think it was easy for me to get where I am now. But if they were in my shoes, they would see all the hard work I've put in. It was difficult but this is what I worked hard to accomplish. I can’t stop until I reach my goals, especially with how far I've gotten and all the help I've received to get there. No matter the circumstances, I won’t stop. I will make my parents even more proud and reach all the goals I set for myself.

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