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It was a bright and sunny day and I could feel the warmth on my face and it made me feel relaxed. As we made our way to the helicopter ride I got more and more excited. When we got there we saw a bright white and red helicopter with big black propellers. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid seventies. Normally the weather is not that great in Alaska but when we went it was really nice. When we were on our way to the helicopter we saw big green mountains rolling under the horizon. 

You would think on such a beautiful day looking at the mountains from that high up would be great. I know I was super anxious to get up in the copter and see the beautiful sights. But for my grandma not so much, because she is afraid of heights. She was probably thinking about how much she hates heights. I don’t really know why my grandma is afraid of heights, I guess she just is. But I do know that heights definitely aren't her thing. Even though she was afraid, she did not want to miss a great experience so she sucked it up and got in. 

We then boarded the helicopter and sat down, buckled in, and were each given a headset. I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still. Then we were told by the pilot how to use the headset because we would not be able to hear each other during the flight because it makes a lot of noise. I thought the helicopter ride was going to be awesome but my grandma didn’t, because again, she was afraid of heights. I told her through the headset that it was gonna be just fine and that the pilot had everything under control. She still looked a little bit nervous although she seemed a little bit better. 

When we lifted off the ground it felt so cool. I don’t think my grandma thought so, but I did. When we started going forward I saw big beautiful mountains and trees that looked like toys and just great scenery all around. Right then I felt like I never wanted to come down, like I could spend a lifetime up there. Even my grandma seemed calm at that moment. We were all okay for the rest of the ride and at the end we landed at the start of a hiking trail. When we got out of the copter I could tell my grandma was really happy to have both feet on the ground again.

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