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I was a very self-conscious person regarding my physical appearance in middle school; it wasn't just a lack of confidence. I hated myself, specifically with my body weight. I struggled to love myself. I became trapped and isolated in that mindset; it just felt wrong to be angry at myself. I would starve myself and not eat for hours or even a day. I would fake the times I would eat with my parents, so they didn't know what was happening to me. I suppose all things come to light, right? They found my passed-out body on the bathroom floor and drove me to the ER. When I woke up, I had excruciating pain in my eye. It turns out as I was passing out, I hit my eye on one of the sink's handles, cutting my eyeball. When I was released from the hospital, my parents gave me a long talk about the danger of what I was doing. I couldn't believe them. I wouldn't even believe myself. 

A couple of weeks passed before I met Deandrey; he was a tutor assigned to me at school. He was the type of man that you could just sit and listen to all your problems. I think that's what I most needed, someone to listen to me, someone to understand me. Over time he became a close friend of mine. He was always there to help me out with anything. Eventually, he spoke to me about self-confidence. He reminded me of my self-worth. He told me there was no need for me to change, but I wanted to change. I wanted to be different. He accepted it and helped me pursue a path that would not hurt me. He introduced me to boxing and weight lifting. 

I instantly fell in love with it. Day after day, I would practice in sports, loving it each time I did it. Soon after that, I dropped my habit of starving myself. I started to eat better. I began to look at myself and think, wow, you look better kid. Deandrey would cheer me on to keep on doing it more and never quit. From that day on, I boxed and weight lifted every day. Now, I look better than ever and sometimes wonder what would have happened if Deandry was not there to support me and to help me through my darkest time. That is why I will always be grateful for him.

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