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Advice from My Elders By Daryl Norman

My Great Grandparents were the people I went to for advice. They had really good and meaningful stories that had very impactful full advice. They gave me advice on how I act and how I should feel when certain things happen. My Great Grandma gave most of the advice, to be honest, my great-grandpa was a very caring person, but he would get mad and yell random stuff from time to time. However, he never got mad and yelled very negative stuff at me, my siblings, and my cousins, but he would get mad. People said he was a very kind person when you don’t mess with him too much. They both hated going to the doctors, they didn’t tolerate disrespect, they loved all of their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren. 
My great-grandma was a very kind, calm, and fun person. She played with my sister and me when we had nothing to do every day, she would give everyone nicknames that suit them, and she loved cooking. She gave me my first piece of advice, which was” Don’t treat someone with disrespect when you want them to respect you”. She cooked every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every Sunday. My great-grandpa was a very nice, caring, talkative person. He could hold a conversation with someone for hours and they wouldn’t realize it. They loved sports like football, baseball, and basketball. They were very fun people. 
I was sad when they died, I felt like I didn’t know who to get advice from. I felt like I didn’t know what to do. But I thought about all their advice, and I made myself a better person, and I now know how to deal with certain problems that happen in life.

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