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There’s this saying, “A foolish man seeks for what is temporary, but a wise man seeks for what is eternal.”  I’m going to take you back to the beginning when my family and I were in search of the perfect church that will suit our spiritual needs. You see, my family and I never went to church before. We were living life, having fun, you know, the usual. We lived every day of our lives like it was our last. We never thought, what if one day, was our last? What then? We were living every day of our life, only worrying and focusing on what was physical and not spiritual. I mean, my family always believed in God, but was believing enough to get us to the kingdom of heaven?  Many people have their own thoughts about where we go after death. Some think everything will be black and dark, coming to a complete end, but many think that we will go to be judged, where God will decide if we are worthy of entering heaven or hell. Which makes me wonder, During my time on earth, am I spending it wisely or foolishly? After a lot of thinking, my family began looking for a church to attend so we could put our faith into action. “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” (Isaiah 29:13). My family wanted to bring our hearts closer to God and really grow in our faith and really become the CHILDREN of God.  So, we started looking for a church near us. One day my grandma took us to her church, another day my grandpa took us to his church, and so on and so forth. My family was still unsure on which one to join, until one day a member from a church we never visited before, knocked on our door and preached to us. What he delivered to us was new and something we never heard of, but it was all in the bible. It was very astonishing to me and my family to hear such news. We have a God the Mother as well? And not just that. We receive life through her when we believe in her. How have we never heard about this till now, when it’s all according to the bible? Many of the churches that we visited only believed in one God, who is God the Father. We too believed this until we started going to the “World Mission Society Church of God'', right here in Hayward. It was so blessed! We wanted to know more about God the Mother, so we started attending church every Saturday. I myself am a Christian. This might seem weird to many because many general Christians attend worship on Sundays, but after coming to church several times and listening to the sermons, so many realizations were given to us through the bible. Service is on Saturdays because in the bible it says to honor god on the 7th day of the week(Exodus 20:8-11). The fact that worship is on Saturday surprised us because we were actually given answers as to why we do the things we do, and why we believe in the things we believe. No other church that we’ve attended has done that before. Even in my English class, we learned that you can’t prove something as a fact, unless you have hard evidence and reasoning. Everything our church preached was written and proven fact through the bible. So when it came to learning more about God the Mother and her existence;  this was so exciting to us. All churches believe in only God the Father and that we are his children, but they’re missing someone. As we all know life is given through our parents and a man cannot have children alone. If God was only 1 person, then why do we say God the Father instead of just God? It is because we are God’s children and we are given spiritual life through both God the Father and God the Mother. All things were created by God’s will (Revelation 4:11). So what was God’s will in creating mothers? It was to show us that we are given spiritual life through our heavenly parents just as life is given through our physical parents. The existence of God the Mother can be seen as written in (Galatians 4:26) “The Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our Mother.” This is just one example out of many teachings written in the bible, that were being taught to us and we were shocked as to why we never knew about them before. Without hesitation, we decided to get baptized into our new church. We never felt so joyful in our life of faith before. Our Mother was the missing piece to our heavenly family and finding her is what made us complete. Before coming to church, we walked the path of life that was only temporary, not knowing and caring about what would happen after life on earth. But just as a mother comforts her child, our heavenly mother comforts her children.  Our heavenly mother sparked the light we needed to see in this dark world and follow the right path. Coming to church, I feel comforted and happy in being with my spiritual family, with my spiritual brothers and sisters, and spiritual father and mother.

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