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There was a time I took a risk and did a jump on a mountain bike trail. The jump was about three and a half feet tall. I thought that I did not need a lot of speed, but I did need a lot of speed to make the jump. The jump had a part on it that I needed to get enough speed to get up the bump. Right before that was a little hill made of wood. The day I was on the trail, it had rained in the morning and the day before, so I did not want to go that fast. I started picking up speed right before the wooden hill. 

When I made it to the jump, I fell on my face and scraped my chin, and I also chipped my tooth. We were with my dad's friend, and he caught it on video. After that, my brother went on the jump and started about twenty or thirty feet back from where I started, and he went on the jump three times and made it all three times. There was a part on the jump that was about a foot and a half off the ground, and he did that, too, and I did not do that. 

We were almost at the end of the trail, so I did not have to go that far to get something to clean the cut on my chin. When we got back to the beginning of the trail, we went up the hill a little to a building, and most of the people there were mountain bikers, so they did not really react that much. 

After I did the jump, I learned that sometimes things are not as easy as they look. At the time I thought that it was fine, and I really only felt a little pain after about three or four hours. This accident was important because it taught me not to do things that look hard to do and watch someone do it before I do it and if I want to do it.

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