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We had five days left of school in St Francis. I remember being at a party outside and thinking this was the best day ever, but it all changed when I got home that day. When my mom picked me up from school, I was excited that it was almost summer break. When we finally arrived home, she told me that I had a choice to make. I was excited, thinking it would be a small choice like we could go to one place or another. The actual question completely shocked me. My mom told me how I could choose between attending school in St Francis for one more year or going to Greendale for school. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I chose to go to a new school. For some reason, I thought I would still see all of the friends I’d been laughing with earlier in the day. If I could go back and change that decision I would because with each and every day I feel like a part of me leaves. Yet, although I miss my friends, I am happy that I chose Greendale because I’ve met so many new people. I’ve realized things are not perfect, and we have to seize opportunities, even if they make us uncomfortable. 

My life was going perfect until that point, but I never really realized it until this turning point. Now I wonder if it was perfect or if it just seems that way from a distance. I’ve seized this opportunity but it’s ok to have regrets. Most people, including myself, don’t take risks to try something new even if it is on a silver platter. After this experience, I learned to go after different things. I’ve also learned to adapt to new things if I like them or not. I know that every person has their way to adapt to change. My experience has made it much easier for me to understand and accept change as an opportunity.

Our stories don’t always end the way we hope and how we write the ending depends on us. I miss my friends, and if I could change my decision to switch schools I would. Yet, I made friends here in Greendale and learned that if you don’t look at the good things in your experiences, you won’t get as much joy out of the experience as a whole. So you should accept changes in life and focus on where the good things can lead.

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