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I told me that I should go to take the test. “What test?” I asked him as I  yawned.  “Remember, your permit test?” he asked. I had forgotten and I wasn’t ready for it at all. I told my dad that I wasn’t ready to take the test, but we still went with my brother anyway. I was so nervous that I was literally shaking.  We went to the DMV in the morning. I had tried to do the computer registration, but I didn’t understand anything, so my brother had to do it. We waited for about three to four hours for my number to be called because it was so crowded. While we waited, my throat grew very dry and my hands were very wet. My number finally came, and it was time for me to take the test. When I went inside the room to take the test, the questions were strange. I could not understand anything because it was hard for me to understand English at that time and they didn’t offer the test in my native language of Nepali. I did my best on the test, but I failed. I told my dad that I failed the test and I could see the disappointment in his face. At that moment, I thought I would never pass the permit test. I was so sad, and I posted something on my Snapchat story about my failure. I don’t really remember what it was. Later that day, my cousin from Colorado saw it and he called me. He asked me if I was doing okay. He told me that he saw my story. I told him about how I failed the test. He told me that situations like that happen in life, but I should never stop believing in myself. It was nice to hear that he believed in me. I felt better and more encouraged after talking to him. I decided I should try to take the test again.  Before I could take the test again, I needed to learn more. I took a practice test on the computer and wrote the questions down to understand. After a year of practicing, I went to take the permit test again. When I got there, I felt more confident. I filled out the registration by myself instead of some- one else doing it for me. When I went inside to take the test, it seemed really easy. The questions were simple. This time I could understand what it was saying. I took the test, and I passed! I tried to prank my dad and went to the lobby with a sad face and I made a thumb down gesture. I could see the disappointment on his face again. Then I smiled and went over to the other line instead of walking over to him. I went to the counter to take a picture for a permit card. I could see the joy and pride on his face. I called my dad over to sign the paper, since I was under eighteen.  After I got my permit, my brother tried to teach me how to drive, but he just yelled at me a lot because I didn’t know how to control the car. I felt really dumb, and I was angry at myself because I couldn’t do a simple thing that so many other people could do. Luckily, my dad encouraged me to keep trying.  Everyone in my family was happy because I accomplished something in my life that I thought I would never do. That’s when I realized that if you don’t give up, you can eventually get through the obstacles of life. The fear of failure is always in the back of my mind, but I know I can do anything in this world, especially if I have my family’s support. 

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