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What was supposed to be a typical college field trip turned out to be a lasting memory with my friends at a donut shop. It's really bizarre how I remember this time so vividly, almost like it was yesterday, although it happened years ago. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I was in a summer program, Youth Educational Program ( Y.E.P) with my friends, and would go on field trips every other day. One day we went on a field trip to this one college; well, we were supposed to. Making our way to the campus was about an hour drive from our school]. As we approached the campus, all the buildings seemed to be closed down. It was like a ghost town, the whole campus was deserted with no life to be seen anywhere. After walking around the campus for almost half an hour, with each  group of kids being led by the adults, all of my friends looked at each other and came to the conclusion that this field trip was becoming very bad, very quickly. Which was ironic, since my friends and I contemplated  whether to attend , knowing  it would be boring. Guess the odds weren't in our favor. We spent another half hour searching the campus for an entrance to a building, or anyone that attended the college for some information, while my friends and I tried to keep ourselves entertained.

After the unforgiving endless walk, the adults started to improvise and told everyone to get back on the bus. My friends and I  all hung out with this one adult supervisor named Benny. Before the summer YEP program, YEP ran an after school program during the year. There was a really cool supervisor named Benny, and we always hung out with him. It seemed like he was just like us, like a child stuck in a grown man's body. My friends and I seemed to be a hundred times funnier when we were all together. Once everyone piled back into the bus, we were all curious as to where the adults were going to take us next. Watching the cars zoom past us on the highway, we passed time by goofing around,  as the bus ride had already been pretty long. We chatted amongst ourselves discussing how this field trip is horrible and we'd be better off doing something else outside of YEP. It was already evening and I would have  to return back to school if nothing happened soon. The long trip left us with some questions that lingered  on our minds. Why would the supervisors take us to a college that was deserted? How did they not know? Once off the highway, we pulled into this plaza that consisted of a Krispy Kreme Donut shop, a movie theatre, and many other stores. 

We all unpiled out of the bus and split in groups with the adults. Different groups of kids entered other shops while being led by a supervisor. Me and my group of friends went with Benny into Krispy Kreme. The aroma of jelly filling and freshly baked dough filled the air as we stepped into the shop. We waited in line, chatting amongst ourselves as we ordered our donuts with milk. I ordered jelly filled donuts with banana milk. The rest of my friends got their sweets as we all started to gather in the corner of the store, ready to plunge into the comfy chairs and have a table to ourselves. We were all relaxes, just hanging out,  and telling stupid jokes; just being ourselves. While standing in line, we got into a topic about dogs. One friend, Alexis, bought his milk, came over to the friend group in the corner and said, ¨you guys want some "dilk"?¨ A combination of dog and milk morphed into "dilk". Looking back at the situation now, it was so stupid, but at the time it was the funniest thing to me.  I laughed so hard,. the milk dispersed out of my nose and we all started laughing even harder than before. Benny of course got upset at us for making a mess with the banana milk. While cleaning it up we were all still laughing pretty hard at what just happened. Once we left the Krispy Kreme we ended up going back home still enjoying each other's company after the flop of a field trip. Although it was about two years ago, it was probably one of the few times I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life. Somehow this really bland, boring field trip was saved by a local donut store and my boys. It showed me that loyalty to your friends can bring you unimaginable joy and happiness. Even if it's as simple as friends hanging out at a donut shop. I'm very grateful to still have most of my friends in my life throughout these high school years and hope all of them stick around for a long time.

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