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I was at the Beech Hill Campground in Carroll, NH for a fun time. On my camping trip were my family and grandparents, and our goal was to enjoy our time together. The water was cold. It was hot and sunny every day on the camping trip. Each sunny day my brother and I would go on the swings that were sometimes cool as we sat on them. We sprinted to the swings because we always race to the playground .

“I beat you to the swings,“ I laughed.

“I wanted to beat you,” he said grumpily. The playground had this smell of fresh cut wood with the sun always beaming down on us. 

Towards the end of the trip, I started to get scared because of a mole that was on my back. I was anxious. On the last day of the camping trip, I was not able to eat. As the time came to leave the campground site, we got in a car ready to go to Lebanon. I was scared because I had to get a mole taken off my back that could have caused cancer. 

When we got to the hospital, we checked in, sat down, and then heard my name called. In the hospital room, I sat on the bed and a nurse came in and gave me a tablet with a lot of games to play to keep me busy.The nurse left the room to go get flavoring for the anesthesia because I wanted to be asleep for the surgery. I thought it was cool to choose a flavor and I went with cotton candy. Next, the nurse gave me a stuffed animal and a sleeping mask which helped me through such a scary time. 

My doctor came in with more nurses and one of them did a trick with their fingers as I was getting sleepy from the anesthesia. As they brought me to the room where they would do the surgery, it got way more scary because I saw a lot of tools next to me before I went to sleep .

After hours or minutes I woke up in the room where my parents were. I was delusional and thought, _How did I get back in the room? _I was also very tired because I didn't feel like moving. By night time I was feeling better and ready to leave. 

As we checked out of the hospital, my mom, my step dad and I walked outside to the car feeling relieved. 

What a trip.

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