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I never thought that I would be moving all the way across Massachusetts and north to NH. It was always so loud in Brockton where I was born. Now I am in school with a bunch of people that I met four years ago. In the time that I have been in NH, I have moved a number of times as well, from the Keene School District to the neighboring Monadnock School District and then back to Keene. Now I am here to stay because I don’t want to move around anymore. It was a big move from Brockton, MA to Keene, NH.

In Brockton, it was always so loud and you could hear cars and people screaming almost all night. But moving here, the only time it is loud is in school, or downtown. Another thing that changed is that I have to walk around or get a ride to the stores. We don’t have as many stores up here that we had in Brockton. I could walk across the street and a store would be right there. Or I could take a left from the front of my house, then get on the sidewalk and walk straight to a Dairy Queen, or if I walked a little bit farther, I would make it to CVS or the fairgrounds. That was a good thing because I could watch the fireworks from right across the street.

In NH everything is different from the people, to the land, and schools. In school, we have four blocks a day, advisory on Mondays, and a structured study called “I-time”. In Brockton we would have eight periods, shorter classes, and no advisory. Classes would just go until the end of the day. There are also a lot of country people here in NH, but in Brockton, people had better style. They would dress in the best outfits and wear the nicest shoes, but there would be a lot of violence. There would be fights in school, gang wars, and other things related to gang violence.

I kind of like it here in Keene, NH, but I miss Brockton a lot. I want to go back, but I don’t want to leave here.

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