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This year, 2020-2021, has not been normal at all. There have been many new struggles the world has had to face. On Friday, March 13, 2020, the principal came over the intercom to tell us that we needed to clean out our lockers because we were going to be out of school for two weeks so they could clean well and figure more out about Covid. 

When they made this announcement, little did everyone know that we would be out of school until October 2021. Even now, it still hasn't been normal school yet, and we’re in April. When school let out on March 13, I was happy about it, but after two weeks of quarantine I was over all of it and wanted to see my friends and be with everyone, but I couldn´t. During quarantine, stores, restaurants, malls, hair salons, etc., were shut down. I personally was lucky with my hair and eyebrows because my mom is a hair stylist, but most people had it rough because there was no one to do their hair or wax their eyebrows. 

My family went Covid crazy and got three new puppies. They are goldendoodles, but when we got them, we didn't really think about when life goes back to normal they´ll be left alone at home during the day, which they won´t be used to because we were with them every day during quarantine. It was definitely worth getting them, though, because they brought so much joy to my family and me. 

One good part about quarantine was spending time with family. It definitely made the family closer to each other. Over the summer, I was allowed to be with only my super-close friends because of Covid. It was still a good summer, just a bit different from all the past summers. I still went to the beach, but I had to wear a mask when on the boardwalk. When I went camping, I didn't really have to wear a mask, so it was nice not having to wear one for once. I´m athletic and because of Covid we weren't allowed to have any sports. Without sports and friends, I was so bored, and I'm sure other people were as well. I still practiced by myself all the time, but it wasn't the same at all. 

Quarantine made a big change in everyone, some good and some bad. Without things to do or places to go, some got depressed. Some also changed their style and actions and did good for themselves. I never thought that everyone would have to wear masks everywhere they went, but now look at us. In school, we get yelled at if our mask isn´t over our nose, but just last year we were walking around with no masks. With the school year not being normal, our teachers and everyone else has tried to make it as normal as possible for us. 

We have had sports teams and all of that. Although we´ve had seasons, there have been many new rules to follow. For basketball, I was only allowed one parent during my games, and for volleyball I could have both, and now for softball I can have everyone, so it's definitely getting better as the year goes on. Now, despite having to wear masks, if not playing or if you’re spectating, I think it's pretty cool that we´re getting our seasons in because I honestly thought we wouldn't be playing at all. Covid has made me realize to be grateful for everything because it could be taken from you in a split second.

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