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If I am to tell you about my story. Who I am and the things that ultimately played the biggest role in shaping who I am, I’d tell you to ask me what my dreams are and what they used to be. I am the sum of my beliefs and passion. 

From a young age I had always aspired to be or do something that I thought would help or change the way the world worked, and that desire creates a lot of curiosity. I guess that's why science is and was my best and favorite field of work, study or interest. It just makes sense and it's so unbelievably cool. The creativity of engineering, the wild pursuit of knowledge that is science itself, the endless possibilities. 

What does science have to do with my dreams? Everything. At a young age I was put into private school, it was not the best thing for me. I never performed the best at school ever, except for science and even at a science magnet school I only excelled in STEM.  Growing up in love with science and science fiction I had also grown a deep appreciation and fondness for writing, as it's very impactful in all facets of life. 

I would always fantasize about having the same impact and ability of heroes like Tony Stark and The Batman, Dr. Banner, saving the world with fists and unexplainable technology, even as naive as it may sound I still think that's awesome. It’s the desire to be someone that makes me want to create and innovate. 

To create the next super AI, create air and spacecraft to push the boundaries of every average man, to save lives with the world's most intuitive materials or to help change the energy and food industry into a green friendly environment. If I can do something with my passion in the STEM fields then I'll die happy.

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