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Mount Monadnock is a mountain located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. It is the second most climbed mountain in the world, rising above 3,000 feet. My dad and I have been hiking the mountain since 2010. Every year my dad and I wake up early and drive to the base of the mountain. We hike a little ways up the mountain, stop at the bathrooms, then begin the hour long hike up the mountain towards the summit. Once we reach the summit we find a spot against the rocks that shade us from the wind. We check the time and have a snack, which normally consists of a protein bar and some almonds. We check the map for directions to look for Boston and Keene.

We then start the dangerous climb back down the mountain. We always stop by this natural spring and fill up our water bottles with the freshest, crispest water that I have ever tasted. When we get to the bottom, we check the time one more time and get ready for the ride home. On the ride home we always stop at the Dublin General Store. I get a BLT and my dad gets a coffee. We then drive from Dublin through Harrisville, Nelson, and then we drive around Granite Lake. Finally, we head home and that is another Mount Monadnock trip in the books. I love this trip because it is something special that my dad and I do every year, and it's something that I look forward to, too.

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