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My mom talked to me about being adopted when I was little but I never really understood what that meant. I never thought about it or spent much time considering it. I don't remember how I reacted when my mom and dad told me. I know my birth mom's name was Rosa, mine was Damian, and my birth dad's name was Hugo. My parents showed me a picture of Rosa. In that picture was my mom and dad holding me, and Rosa next to them. The next thing they showed me made me a little sad. My mom and Rosa sent letters back and forth. Rosa then moved and we never got a new address. Why does this make me sad?  In a way she felt close but yet I never got to meet her. I was a baby and couldn’t process anything. I do still wonder if I will ever get the chance to meet her (again). To me, it's almost like missing a family member because I haven’t seen her since I was a newborn.

There are many things I could take away from knowing my history. For now, I have answers and questions. I never really got reasons as to why, but now I know. Rosa didn't think she could raise another baby by herself. She placed me for adoption because she wanted me to have a family.

Still, I have many more questions relating to how my life would have been. Would I act differently or have the same personality I have now? How different would my life be compared to now? But my biggest question is: Do they still think of me?

I sometimes think about having the chance to meet them again. What would they be like? How would they react? What would we talk about?

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