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Tenement Museum Conversation Starters

The Tenement Museum interprets migration and American identity through the stories of real people, past and present.

We suggest you choose three number of stories to listen to and/or read from the We Are America Library. After listening, consider the following suggested prompts to have a whole group discussion:

  • What stands out to you about the stories?
  • How did the stories surprise you?
  • What personal connections do you make to these stories? Choose one to share.
  • What patterns do the stories reveal about identity? About migration?
  • In what ways do these stories help you understand this country’s past? In what ways do these stories help you understand our society today?

The Tenement Museum also invited you to share a story. Our Your Story, Our Story initiative is a place where anyone can submit a story about an object or tradition tied to their identity.  Many of the students who shared a We Are America Story also explored their identities by first completing and sharing an Our Your Story, Our Story. If you would like to share a story in this project, visit yourstory.tenement.org to get started.