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The We Are America Project is in classrooms all across the country and beyond.

Cohort 6 (2024-2025)

Photo of Briana Morales

Briana Morales

Gordon Bush Alternative Center (Illinois)

Photo of Khalil Roy, MS

Khalil Roy, MS

Louisiana School for the Agriculture Science (LaSAS) (Louisiana)

Photo of Julia Jane Winslow

Julia Jane Winslow

Providence Hall Junior High (Utah)

Photo of Chayanee Brooks

Chayanee Brooks

Ka'u High and Pahala Elementary School (Hawaii)

Photo of Stephanie King

Stephanie King

Granger High School (Washington)

Photo of Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns

Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns

2nd Nature Academy (SNA) (New Hampshire)

Photo of Renee Jones

Renee Jones

Lincoln High School (Nebraska)

Cohort 5 (2023-2024)

Photo of Dr. Andrea-Bernadette Pratt

Dr. Andrea-Bernadette Pratt

Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School (Hawaii)

Photo of Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy

Concord High School (New Hampshire)

Photo of Zoe Weems

Zoe Weems

Diamond Middle School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Rebecca Rupnick

Rebecca Rupnick

Rhodes School (Illinois)

Photo of Kelly Mansfield

Kelly Mansfield

Fitchburg High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Gabrielle Archambault

Gabrielle Archambault

Ipswich High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Jacqlyn Feldmann

Jacqlyn Feldmann

Lynn Classical High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Bill Hollaway

Bill Hollaway

Glencliff High School (Tennessee)

Photo of Meredith McLaughlin

Meredith McLaughlin

UW Lab School (Wyoming)

Photo of Dr. Marissa Winmill

Dr. Marissa Winmill

Kent-Meridian High School (Washington)

Photo of Laura Jeanne Penrod

Laura Jeanne Penrod

Southwest Career and Technical Academy (Nevada)

Cohort 4 (2022-2023)

Photo of Diana Iwaszkiewicz Carson

Diana Iwaszkiewicz Carson

Auburn Middle School (Maine)

Photo of Amanda Ladish

Amanda Ladish

George Junior High School (Arkansas)

Photo of Erin Quintero

Erin Quintero

Irondequoit High School (New York)

Photo of Sydney Chaffee

Sydney Chaffee

Codman Academy Charter Public School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Cynthia Dougherty Bernal

Cynthia Dougherty Bernal

JW Nixon High School (Texas)

Photo of Lizzy Peters

Lizzy Peters

Pressman Academy (California)

Photo of Mary DiLuna

Mary DiLuna

Woburn Memorial High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Shari Wejsa

Shari Wejsa

High Point Regional High School (New Jersey)

Photo of Jacqueline Lovelace

Jacqueline Lovelace

Taipei American School (Taiwan)

Photo of Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Greendale Middle School (Wisconsin)

Photo of Nicholas Ellis

Nicholas Ellis

Concord High School (New Hampshire)

Photo of Eric Alvarez

Eric Alvarez

Glenn L. Downs Social Sciences Academy (Arizona)

Cohort 3 (2021-2022)

Photo of Dr. Deirdre Doughty

Dr. Deirdre Doughty

Colorado River Collegiate Academy (Texas)

Photo of Shayla Ewing

Shayla Ewing

Pekin Community High School (Illinois)

Photo of Shannon Janovitz

Shannon Janovitz

Burlington High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Marc Turner

Marc Turner

Spring Hill High School (South Carolina)

Photo of Andrea Monique Peña Harris

Andrea Monique Peña Harris

Bridges High School (Colorado)

Photo of Kate Martin

Kate Martin

Harrisburg South Middle School (South Dakota)

Photo of Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School (Connecticut)

Photo of Henry Moon

Henry Moon

Weston High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Stacey Dallas Johnston

Stacey Dallas Johnston

Mission High School (Nevada)

Photo of Meagan C. Frazier

Meagan C. Frazier

Taipei American School (Taiwan)

Photo of Sarah Downing

Sarah Downing

Keene High School (New Hampshire)

Photo of Jeni Lannen

Jeni Lannen

Sweet Grass County High School (Montana)

Photo of Kory Loyola

Kory Loyola

High Point Regional High School (New Jersey)

Photo of Terrell Gilkey

Terrell Gilkey

The Queen City Academy Charter School (New Jersey)

Photo of Eddie Dowe

Eddie Dowe

Granby High School (Virginia)

Cohort 2 (2020-2021)

Photo of Mia Pardo

Mia Pardo

Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy (California)

Photo of Reem Shuaib

Reem Shuaib

Islah Academy (California)

Photo of Fernando Lopez

Fernando Lopez

San Fernando High School Magnet (California)

Photo of Colleen Simon

Colleen Simon

Solomon Schechter Day School (Connecticut)

Photo of Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis

Resurgence Hall Charter School (Georgia)

Photo of Florence Scott

Florence Scott

Hawaii Technology Academy (Hawaii)

Photo of Jessica DellAquila

Jessica DellAquila

Jeremiah E. Burke High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Meredith O'Brien

Meredith O'Brien

Mount Alvernia High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Ilana Ascher

Ilana Ascher

Chelsea High School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Kyla Ward

Kyla Ward

LEAD Innovation Studio (Missouri)

Photo of Heidi Crumrine

Heidi Crumrine

Concord High School (New Hampshire)

Photo of Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster

Facing History New Tech High School (Ohio)

Photo of Donna L. Shrum

Donna L. Shrum

Central High School (Virginia)

Photo of Brittany Clark-Slaughter

Brittany Clark-Slaughter

Salem High School (Virginia)

Photo of Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy

Greendale Middle School (Wisconsin)

Photo of Dr. Amy Hewett-Olatunde

Dr. Amy Hewett-Olatunde

Humboldt High School (Minnesota)

Cohort 1 (2019-2020)

Photo of Amy Lloyd

Amy Lloyd

Juneau Douglas High School (Alaska)

Photo of Bailey Field

Bailey Field

Personal Project Based Learning Pathway connected to Santa Monica High School (California)

Photo of Todd Brown

Todd Brown

Sarasota Military Academy (Florida)

Photo of Carol Pelletier

Carol Pelletier

Sarasota Military Academy (Florida)

Photo of Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg

Sun Valley Community School (Idaho)

Photo of Maggie O'Connor

Maggie O'Connor

Glenbard West High School (Illinois)

Photo of Eric Coval

Eric Coval

Maine East High School (Illinois)

Photo of Samantha Barratt

Samantha Barratt

Energy Tech High School (New York)

Photo of Leah Juelke

Leah Juelke

Fargo South High (North Dakota)

Photo of Lisa Farese

Lisa Farese

Robert Adams Middle School (Massachusetts)

Photo of Sarah Casimiro

Sarah Casimiro

North Quincy High School (Massachusetts)