Meet our team

Photo of Safiya Alsamarrai

Safiya Alsamarrai

Student Founder and Teacher Mentor

Story: Sacrifices

Photo of Julian Viviescas

Julian Viviescas

Book Designer

Photo of Kat Huang

Kat Huang

Student Founder and Website Designer-Developer

Story: Select One?

Photo of Maria Franco Silva

Maria Franco Silva

Director of Communications

Story: Finding Home

Photo of Carla Duran Capellan

Carla Duran Capellan

Student Founder

Photo of Erika Pen

Erika Pen

Student Founder and Teacher Mentor

Story: Sixteen

Photo of Jessica Lander

Jessica Lander

Teacher Founder

Former team members

Photo of Idalisse Fernandez

Idalisse Fernandez

Student Founder

Story: Unnoticed

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